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ff_fem_fest Round #1 Claims List

Only one person can claim each prompt. When a claim is submitted, the prompt is closed off to other participants.

To claim a prompt, please comment on this post with the number and the prompt itself (just copy and paste).

A maximum of three claims is allowed by each participant.

The prompts post will be open until September 30, 2008. 

October is the writing period, posting period for fics is through the month of November. This gives us all lots of time to work on our claims! 


59 femslash prompts here!Collapse )


Round #1 Prompts CLOSED

Alright, thank you to everyone who submitted prompts for our first round! The prompts post is now closed, and the claims post will be coming up by the 15th.

Last Day to Post Prompts

Just a reminder that prompt submissions for ff_fem_fest  close tomorrow, September 5 2008, so if you have any last-minute ideas/bursts of inspiration/plot bunny attacks feel free to drop another comment at the prompt post. We've got a lot of really excellent prompts so far, and I can't wait to get the Claims List up, but the more the merrier, so feel free to leave us any last minute prompt ideas today. :)

ff_fem_fest ROUND #1 PROMPTS POST

ff_fem_fest ROUND #1 IS NOW OPEN


  • Anyone can submit prompts, you are not committing to writing any fic by submitting a prompt. You can submit as many prompts as you like!
  • Since this is a fem slash fest, all prompts should be femslash related, even it is just character x having a crush on character y, and focus should be on at least one female character from a Final Fantasy game (or a non-Disney character from Kingdom Hearts).
  • If it is an AU or crossover fic you want for a prompt, please state it as such.
  • Please reply to this post with your prompts. Any prompts submitted are not open for claiming yet. A claims post will open once we reach our prompts deadline.
  • Unused prompts from Round #1 will be recycled into Round #2, provided there is interest in a Round #2.

Prompts for ff_fem_fest will close September 5, 2008.

Rules & Guidelines:

Rules & Guidelines:

1) The concept for this community is not original. It was stolen from a series of comms in the House M.D. fandom (wilson_fest, chase_fest, cuddy_fest, etc.) Alright, that's not really a rule, but it's good to know, right? ;)

2) The purpose of this community is to offer prompts for Final Fantasy femslash/yuri fans to create new fanfiction. Obviously this is a femslash community, so all fics should reflect that by featuring girl/girl pairings, OR focusing on a female character who has romantic thoughts and feelings towards another woman.

3) Flaming, abuse, etc will not be tolerated. Rikku/Yuna squicks you? Fine, don't read those fics. No one's forcing you to.

4) Work must be femslash oriented. That said it doesn't have to be NC-17, it could be Garnet having a crush on Beatrix, or Quistis and Xu going out for a G-rated picnic.  Crossovers within Final Fantasy are acceptable, such as Beatrix/Fran or Rinoa/Paine. Crossovers with other fandoms are acceptable provided they are femslash and one of the two women is a character from Final Fantasy or one of the non-Disney characters from Kingdom Hearts.

5) Please post only fanfics responding to the prompts you have claimed here. And please only post during the posting period. If you violate this, your posts will be deleted. Looking for a place to post your FF yuri fics that weren't claimed here? Try ff_yuri, fffemslash, ffsaffic, ffx_yuri, etc.

6) Please include ratings and warnings on your fics as appropriate. You don't need to warn us that there is saffic content, obviously, but if anything kinky or NC-17 rated is going on, please let the reader know.

7) Here is a guideline for when you are posting your fics. You don't have to use it, as long as you include ratings/warnings.
(i.e. is this Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts 2, etc?)


8)  A PROMPT is an idea submitted by anyone who has suggestions to offer for a Final Fantasy femslash/yuri/shoujo ai fic. By submitting the prompt, you are agreeing to let this be included in our Master Claims List of participants to claim and respond to. You will probably not be credited at all for the prompt. By submitting a prompt you are NOT committing to writing anything. So don't worry if you can't write fic, but have some good ideas for others, leave us lots of prompts on the prompts post!

9) Unused prompts will roll over to the next round. There will be a next round if people seem interested.

10) A CLAIM is when a participant claims a prompt from our Master List of prompts. Only one person can claim each prompt. When a claim is submitted, the prompt is closed off to other participants.

11) A maximum of three claims is allowed by each participant in the first instance. If you complete all your claims and have posted finished work, further prompts may be claimed.

12) You are free to post your work to any other location (i.e. your journal, one of the other FF fanfic/yuri comms, whatever) but please link it onff_fem_fest.


13) Fics must be at least 250 words in length. There is no maximum limit, but please post completed fics only, no WIP (work in progress).

14) All work must focus on at least one female character from Final Fantasy or a non-Disney female character from Kingdom Hearts and must be femslash in some way, even if it's just romantic thoughts or a crush directed at another woman.

15) If you are unable to complete your prompt, please leave a comment here so that the prompt can be opened up to other participants who may be interested in it.

16) Have fun!! :D

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment here.


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